Our Bows

Welcome to our online showroom! Sauk Trail offers 5 traditional bows, which include our 3 Longbow models, the Kankakee River, the Beaver Creek and our most popular longbow, The Highline. We offer a true 50's style one piece Recurve. The Spirit Recurve has become our best selling bow to date. Also, our newest addition, The Kenu 52" hybrid longbow.

**Due to the growing popularity of our Sauk Trail bows, Our current wait time on a custom bow is now 12 to 14 months.****

All of our bows are available in all wood combinations. Each bow is custom made and designed to be truly one of a kind. We feel you should be involved in the design process!


Our bows all come with a 3 year, original owner warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials and craftsmanship, starting from the date you receive your new bow. 

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