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Our Bows

Welcome to our online showroom! Sauk Trail offers 8 traditional bows, which include our 4 Longbow models, the Kankakee River, the Beaver Creek, the Medora, and our most popular longbow, The Highline. We offer a true 50's style one piece Recurve called the Spirit, as well as a new 62" forward handle recurve, named, the Dryden. A perfect bow the the hunter, as well as the long draw competitive archer.

The Kenu is our shortest bow available. At 52", it is by far, the most maneuverable bow available.

We also Offer a 3 piece takedown called, The Seneca. With years of design, we've come up with the streamlined takedown we were looking for. 

**Due to the growing popularity of our Sauk Trail bows, Our current wait time on a custom bow is now 4 to 6 months.****

All of our bows are available in all wood combinations. Each bow is custom made and designed to be truly one of a kind. We feel you should be involved in the design process!


Our bows all come with a 3 year, original owner warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials and craftsmanship, starting from the date you receive your new bow.