~Current bow prices effective January 2019~

   ~ Prices listed below all include various wood combinations including accent stripes and intricate design. Some exotic        woods may  increase cost. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options for a custom  bow just for you!

                               *****All custom orders have a current completion time of 12 to 14 months.*****

    ~"Highline" R/D Longbow------------------------------------------------------------------$585.00

   ~"Seneca" Takedown (recurve or longbow)----------Actionwood w/ colored glass--$885.00

                                                                                             Exotic wood w/ veneers--------$1,045.00                                                                            Extra set of limbs (When ordering a bow)---$300.00

                                                                      Extra set of limbs (after bow is completed)--$450.00

   ~"Spirit" 58"one piece recurve------------------------------------------------------------$665.00



      ~"Kankakee River" Longbow-------------------------------------------------------------$585.00



   ~"Beaver Creek" Longbow----------------------------------------------------------------$585.00

   ~ "Kenu" 52" Hybrid-----------------------------------------------------------------------$565.00




      ***All bows are shipped standard with a B-55 bow string, ***


      ***All bows are available with or without a leather handle wrap***


   ***Double wood riser option------------------$50.00

   ***Antler or Horn tip overlays----------------Please inquire


   ***S&H on all bows (U.S.)----------------------------$25.00



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