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Alcona Takedown

We were after a takedown that would offer simplicity and durability, yet still have some versatility. After hundred of hours of r&d and field testing, the Alcona takedown is the newest model to our lineup. 


While the "light" riser satisfies the archer looking for lightweight, packable gear, the "heavy" riser give the mass weight that some target archers are trying to acheive.

Average 18" "light" risers come in at approximately 1# 12oz, and the 18" medium weight riser coming in at 2# 6oz,  the 18" "heavy" riser weighs in at solid 3# 3oz, giving that added weight to hold on point.


The 20" riser gives a bit more stability by moving the mass further from the hand, it also adds approximately 3 to 4 more ounces of weight (depending on materials), to the total weight of the riser. 


Having interchangable limbs in both 60" and 62" Dryden xr recurve, as well as 60" to 66" reflex/deflex longbow limbs, leaves many options for the archer to put together the exact combination that suits them best with either riser.

(average draw weight increase going from an 18" riser to a 20" riser, with the same limbs, is approximately 2 pounds).




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