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In loving Memory


Jerry Roberts


Sauk Trail began offering Custom Bows for sale in 1981. After many long days and nights of working on designs and bow forms as well as building bows with different woods and glass backing, we felt we were ready to move forward. Today, we offer  8 different models for the hunter, as well as the target archer.
 Sauk Trail Bows have become popular with traditional shooters around the world, and we pride ourselves on crafting quality bows at affordable prices and can truly say we never make two custom bows alike. We believe a custom bow should be a one of a kind bow not just in draw weight but in appearance as well.

Jerry Roberts has been building bows for over 35 years. I, Mike Roberts, have spent 25 of those under his wing in the archery business. I spent almost 40 years with my dad in discussion, design, and my favorite, field testing! The years have been great, and the education, well, PRICELESS!! 


January 2015 was the time for all of that education to come into play. The Lord decided it was time for my father to hunt the "Big Woods". This has been a tremendous loss for our family as well as many friends. Working in the shop has been difficult, but I know he is smiling down.

My brothers JR, and Mack continue to play a big role in the business, as they have for many years. That said, the bond we all shared, Jerry Roberts, still remains. And the be continued.

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